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Ultimate FREE JavaScript Resources | JavaScript learning material

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1. Dmitri Pavlutin Blog

I have been following his studies throughout the year, and his blogs are always straightforward and easy to understand.


2. Go Make Things by Chris Ferdinandi

Subscribe to his free email newsletter to get a short email every week with a caption of code, tools, strategies, and interesting things from across the web.


3. David Walsh Javascript Tutorials

I have found very interesting articles here-



1. Javascript Info

Modern JavaScript Tutorial, from basic to advanced themes with simple, yet detailed explanations. They have a lot of practice questions. You can also download EPUB/PDF for offline reading. undefined

2. Exploring JS

JavaScript books for programmers maintained by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer.


3. Eloquent JavaScript

This is a book about JavaScript, editing, and digital wonders. You can read it online here, or purchase your paper copy. Written by Marijn Haverbeke.


4. Codesmith Free JavaScript Courses

Will Sentance is the founder and CEO of Codesmith, you may know him at Frontend Masters. You can find beginners in advanced JS courses and workshops and even join a long integration session.


5. The JavaScript Beginner's Handbook (2020 Edition) by Flavio Copes


6. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani


  1. A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript

A lot of chapters with exercise.


8. Super Hero JS

Creating, testing, and maintaining a foundation for large JavaScript code is not easy - especially as good resources on how to do this are hard to come by. This page is a collection of top articles, videos, and presentations we have received on the topic. undefined

9. JS For Cats


10. Regex One

Want to learn regular expressions. This website provides good learning material with excercise.