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List of 15 Websites for Obtaining High-Quality Free Images

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Many vocalists worry about the excessive usage of Unsplash photos. The bulk of authors follow the platform's trending photographs. As a result, we see the identical image in hundreds of stories.

To get over this obstacle, we need to be familiar with several websites that offer the same service. The following are 20 of the greatest websites for finding free high-quality photos.

1. Wikimedia Commons:

Wikimedia Commons is a collection of 79,167,457 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.

You will get millions of free images, videos, and sounds here.

Wikimedia Commons

2. Kaboompics:

Every month, approximately 83.000 visitors from 209 countries visit Kaboompics, a royalty-free stock picture site I established. The site has had over 6 million impressions to date, and the photographs have been downloaded over 21 million times.


3. CreateHER Stock:

CreateHER stock is a grassroots resource and digital "pantry" for stock photos that bloggers, creatives, and budding influencers may utilize for lifestyle, business, and everyday content production. If you want to browse through hundreds upon thousands of photos, this may not be the site for you – but if you prefer having a resource that is simple and to the point, CreateHER stock has you covered. Who has time to go through a million pages of images, right?

CreateHER Stock

4. PicJumbo:

Several renowned and worldwide internet magazines have named Picjumbo one of the greatest free stock picture sites. Our high-resolution free stock pictures, backdrops, and stock photographs are watermark-free and may be used in both personal and business projects. All of our free stock photographs are contributed by a community of charitable photographers and travelers, and we are all overjoyed when we see our images on your websites, blogs, applications, or billboards.


5. VistaCreate:

VistaCreate will assist you in realizing all of your audacious and creative ideas in the language of design. Get access to thousands of free stock pictures and videos, as well as hundreds of ready-made design templates, drawings, animations, fonts, and music, and be inspired by an unlimited supply of ideas for creating high-quality visual content.


6. The Jopwell Collection:

The Jopwell Collection

7. Pexels:

Creators offer their favorite free stock photographs, royalty-free pictures, and movies.


8. Gratisography:

Ryan McGuire, a self-taught artist, designer, photographer, and coder, launched Gratisography in 2011. Gratisography is a free stock picture website that features the internet's oldest, strangest, and funniest stock photos.


9. Pixabay:

Beautiful free photos and royalty-free stock Our brilliant community has provided over 2.4 million high-quality stock photos, movies, and audio.


10. Canva:

Millions of high-quality free and paid pictures to help you build stunning designs.


11. Free Images:

Browse royalty-free images by subject, photographer, or even camera—all of which are free for personal and commercial use.

Free Images

12. WOCinTech:

Images in WOCinTechChat are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-License. This means you may freely copy and distribute it (but not sell them).


13. Death to Stock:

Death to Stock is an Artist-Owned Co-op that offers the most up-to-date authentic stock pictures and movies, with limitless downloads and new material added monthly.


You will get 20 free images monthly.

Death to Stock

14. iStock:

Join iStock for free to download complimentary stock photos from the iStock exclusive Signature collection. Then check back regularly for additional freebies to use in future creative endeavors.


15. Stocksnap:

You may utilize StockSnap's tag-based category system to explore and find photographs that express the appropriate atmosphere, feeling, sensation, or topic for your needs.

For instance, if you know you want to utilize photographs with people as topics, simply select the "People" category. Over 5,000 photos with individuals in the frame will be displayed, sorted in descending order of significance.

Let's imagine you know you need to elicit a specific emotion, say "love." Over 300 heartfelt photographs of couples and romance may be found by clicking on our "love" category tag.

If you know precisely what you're searching for, you can use our search option to find it. Are you looking for photographs that particularly portray, say, a "beach"? Enter it into our search box at the top left of every page on our site, and you'll find 1,000s of free travel photographs of stunning holiday scenery.

You may also look through photographs that have just been uploaded to our growing collection and are popular with StockSnap's broad user base.