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8 Must Know JavaScript Array Methods | JavaScript Array operations

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We are going to talk about top JavaScript Array methods that you should know. By using these methods, you can speed up your development.

1. Filter

Here we have an array of items-

const list = [
  { name: 'book', price: 2 },
  { name: 'book', price: 2 },
  { name: 'pen', price: 12 },
  { name: 'ink', price: 14 },
  { name: 'rubber', price: 6 },
  { name: 'pencil', price: 4 },
  { name: 'notebook', price: 3 },
  { name: 'camera', price: 20 },

Now, we want to filter items that have a price less than 10. To do that, we can filter method-

const filterList = list.filter((item) => item.price < 10)[ // Output
  ({ name: 'book', price: 2 },
  { name: 'book', price: 2 },
  { name: 'rubber', price: 6 },
  { name: 'pencil', price: 4 },
  { name: 'notebook', price: 3 })

2. Map

By using this method, we can loop through all array elements and can create a new array. For example, if we want to create an array of items name only, then we can use the map.

const newArray = list.map((item) => item.name)
;['book', 'book', 'pen', 'ink', 'rubber', 'pencil', 'notebook', 'camera']

3. Find

By using the find method, we can find a single item in the array. To find an item, we add a true or false statement and it will return the first item where the condition is true.

const findItem = list.find((item) => item.name === 'camera')
{name: 'camera', price: 20}

4. forEach

It is like for loop in javaScript, but it does not return an array. Just we can loop through all elements in the array.

list.forEach((item) => console.log(item.name))

5. Some

Some functions return true or false when a condition is satisfied. It loops through all elements until it finds the condition. If find the condition, it will return true otherwise false.

const hasCamera = list.some((item) => item.name === 'camera')

6. Every

It is similar to some but instead of checking one item, it will check every item. If anyone's condition failed, it will return false.

const hasMoreLess20 = list.every((item) => item.price < 20)
const hasMoreLess21 = list.every((item) => item.price < 21)

7. Reduce

Reduce loops through all array elements and give an accumulated result.

Syntax: array.reduce( function(total, currentValue), initialValue )

Here, we want to calculate the total price of all items in the array-

const total = list.reduce((total, item) => total + item.price, 0)

8. Includes

It will check whether the element is present in the array or not. It takes a single argument as input and returns true or false.

const numbers = [2, 5, 8, 9, 8, 6]

Here we are checking if 9 is in the array or not-

const isNine = numbers.includes(9)


It will return an element at given index.

const numbers = [2, 5, 8, 9, 8, 6]

If we want element at index 3 then

// 9

we can use negative index to get element form last. Negative index will start from -1.

// 8

Thanks for reading this article. You can play with this codepen https://codepen.io/gyanendraknojiya/pen/ to explore more.

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