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20 Best Apps Ideas for Beginners and Startups

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With the increased use of the internet, mobile usage has surely expanded tenfold, with individuals now spending an average of four hours each day on their phones.

With each passing day, the numbers continue to rise, and mobile app development is rapidly becoming a lucrative sector. As a result, if you truly want to compete in this market and take your business to the next level, you should consider developing a mobile app.

Because there are currently millions of apps accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, one huge concern that comes to mind is how you'll break into the mobile app industry. The basic explanation is that a fantastic concept is everything in a company!

Bringing the greatest, distinctive, and inventive concept to market, on the other hand, appears to be one of the most difficult challenges.

Let's get started with some of the top app development ideas which I have found over the internet that might help you build your business.

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1. Liquor Delivery App


A liquor delivery app can link you with folks in your area who can pick up their favorite wine or liquor and have it delivered to your home. Users will be able to connect based on their interests, geography, and product availability using the app. Customers can also opt to pay via an app or at the time of delivery. You'll need to employ a mobile app development company that can assist you in turning your creative app concept into a successful commercial solution.

2. App That Calculates Taxes Using BlockChain


Calculating enormous figures in a second, no matter how educated or skillful you are, is always a time-consuming chore for you. In fact, a single arithmetic error might result in a multimillion-dollar loss. However, thanks to developing technologies like BlockChain, calculating taxes and invoicing has become one of the most straightforward tasks you can complete without making a mistake. A user may simply calculate how much tax they owe for the year by utilizing an app built using BlockChain technology.

In 2021, a top mobile app concept that will earn money is a tax calculating app. The commerce industry will not go away, regardless of whether there is a pandemic or a growing economy. However, demand for tax calculating software will always be strong.

3. Apps for booking Shisha Lounges


With the Shisha Lounge booking app, which is well-known in Dubai, you can streamline your everyday operations and bookings. On weekdays and weekends, a well-designed lounge booking software will help you better manage your appointments and reservations without having your guests wait hours at the entrance. Allow hookah enthusiasts to select the finest local lounge and reserve a table in advance at their desired time using an app.

The nicest aspect about utilizing this app is that you may offer consumers to pay in advance for appointments using the in-app wallet, different payment methods, or receive membership loyalty points in exchange for greater discounts on previous bookings.

4. Food Planner and Meal Delivery App


People rarely have time to sit back and decide what they need to eat to be healthy and then make the meal properly in today's fast-paced world. In light of Android app development solutions, it makes sense to create an app that monitors your health daily and recommends the correct foods to take to stay healthy.

The app will link you with expert chef bloggers and health diet planners who will supply you with the greatest health advice. You may order a meal directly from the app based on the advised diet programs. One of the most popular app ideas for businesses in 2022 is to create a meal planning and ordering app.

5. App for Travel and Tourism based on Virtual Reality


There was a time when travel and tourism appeared to be one of the world's biggest sectors. COVID-19, on the other hand, has put a halt to tourist mobility. However, creating a virtual reality-based travel and tourism app is one of the most unique app ideas that might help you re-establish your brand.

Travelers may virtually take a tour through an app if you use virtual reality technology in your app. They only need to choose a place, pay a virtual tour charge, and then explore the sights, hotels, sports, and eateries of that location while learning about new travel experiences.

6. App for designing a virtual home


Interior design is a pleasurable activity, but it quickly becomes a disaster if you add items that do not complement your space. As a result, you might want to try developing an app that allows you to visually create the app by placing furniture in your area. If it appears to be a suitable fit for your location, you may purchase it immediately by clicking on the product. This isn't a rocket science problem. You'll need to employ a developer that is familiar with augmented reality to make this vision a reality for you.

7. Voice-Activated Mobile Phone Locator App


Developing a voice-activated mobile phone location app might be the most innovative mobile app concept ever!

There was a time when you left your phone somewhere or someone dropped their phone in their pocket. As a result, a mobile location app can assist you in locating a phone that supports voice activation. The voice activation will turn on when you say the code word, allowing you to quickly find the phone.

8. Apps for Business Investment


A robust business strategy is essential for a startup. But what if you've exhausted all of your options for doubling or tripling your money? Don't worry, an app that gives you business investment strategies in several fields might be your greatest rescuer. A mobile app developer can construct a simple app that includes industry categories and allows users to begin exploring ideas by selecting budget and time constraints. It may be one of the most beneficial app ideas for 2021, assisting you in conquering the globe.

9. App for Salon Management


Because scheduling a salon appointment is a difficult task, you can create an app that allows consumers to make appointments in advance with their preferred specialists and pay for them in-app to eliminate all of the headaches from their pampering sessions. This is one of the most popular app ideas, and it's the ideal way to keep your beauty shop running smoothly. You may engage a software development firm that will incorporate all of the sophisticated features and provide an exceptional user experience.

10. A Gift Booking App for Special Occasions


There are undoubtedly hundreds of items to choose from when it comes to presenting your loved ones, but picking the right gift for the right time is always a difficult task. So there's an app that recommends the ideal present for the ideal occasion. Users must enter their gender, age, and special occasion dates so that the app can remind you two days ahead of time and begin the countdown with the greatest gift recommendations.

11. App for Property Listings


A property directory app will offer you a common platform that connects sellers and buyers, whether you want to purchase or sell a property. Hire an app developer that can create a property search app with a wide range of homes classified by location, size, interiors, exteriors, and pricing. Buyers and sellers may pick a property and view photographs of the interior, locations, sizes, exteriors, and pricing, as well as contact information and credentials for the property.

12. Locate a Tenant App


Renting your home is one of the finest ways to supplement your income, but how do you find the correct, trustworthy, and qualified tenants? A tenant-finding software can assist you in locating tenants in a certain area as well as verifying their background checks.

13. Real-time car sharing app


A real-time vehicle sharing software allows users to book their car and choose their location. Another app user heading in the same route can enter their destination and discover other users with automobiles going in the same direction. Finally, they will be able to divide the expenditures.

14. App for virtual study groups


Students may get together on a shared forum and study for their examinations with other students who are studying the same topic. They may use the app to access study materials, tools, conversation aids, and guides, among other things.

15. App for learning languages


People are learning new things in increasing numbers to broaden their life experiences and improve their skill set. Create an app that helps users learn the A, B, C, and Ds of new languages and then proceed according to their knowledge level. This new app concept for 2021 might even include audio elements to help users learn how to pronounce phrases correctly.

16. Toy-Exchanging App


As children get older, it is clear that they rapidly tire of their toys and move on to the next. This is one of the most forward-thinking mobile app concepts for 2021. It's for the group of parents whose kids swiftly outgrow their tows. Instead of buying new toys every few months, parents can upload their old ones to the app and trade them for new ones.

17. App to identify the best holiday spots


This program allows you to select your chosen landscape, vacation time, desired activity, holiday budget, and other criteria to get the best 10 spots to spend your vacation.

18. App for musicians to find band members


This software functions similarly to a job hunter for musicians. Members of the band who are seeking a replacement for a position, such as a vocalist, drummer, or guitarist, will find it here. Of course, musicians looking to join a band may use the app to search for various bands that have registered and select the ones they wish to join.

19. App for business advice


Young entrepreneurs facing challenges can use this forum-style app to debate various ideas and approaches for building a successful firm.

20. App for restaurants to donate food

donate food

This sort of software will allow eateries to contact local charities to request that extra food be donated to the needy on a daily basis.


Even though everyone has a smartphone, they spend 92 percent of their time using it to browse applications. As a result, having a user-friendly mobile application is critical to the company's future success.